Engineering, Design & Manufacturing

Engineering design is one of our primary focus areas; bringing your idea to reality.

How it works?

You have an idea for a device, useful gadget or toy, but have no idea where to start, or how to prototype, or how to design your product in an electronic format. You reeeeeaaaally want to be able to ‘hold’ your idea in your hands. What do you do?

Simple – you contact Hunter 3D Printing.

Let us arrange a consultation where we can sit and discuss your requirements — analyse it’s practicability for design and brainstorm ways to achieve your goal.

From here, our design engineer will sketch your idea and create a plan of attack.

Then the real fun begins; we build an online, electronic prototype of your idea. We send you some renders (pictures) of the 3D device. We discuss how it will function, and take your feedback.

Once we’re all happy with the design and practicability for print, we assess the design strengths and weaknesses, and which materials we should use for each component – and again, we submit the plan back to you for your review and approval. We then send you a quote for one unit, and where applicable, multiunits, and we seek your approval;

Then the next step is actually printing the prototype components – which is photographed every step of the way, and automatically uploaded to your online Hunter 3D customer portal.

From here, we discuss whether or not you require us to assemble the parts, where applicable, and assemble if required, or take payment for the prototype work and submit the deliverable device to you.

From here, we can also discuss whether or not you require to purchase the 3D model files from us, so that you can source your printing at a later date, elsewhere, or where applicable, print the components yourself.

It is so easy. Your idea, our plan with your input, and voilà! a prototype product!

Contact us today for more information on how we can help you achieve your dreams.