Fiberlogy EASY PLA 1.75mm


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EASY PLA is a basic material for 3D printing. The filament is quite durable. Its properties enable printing very precise and complicated elements. EASY PLA may be used for creating functional prototypes, gadgets, toys and decorations. The ease of printing should satisfy hobbysts and professional users.


Net weight : 0.85 kg

Printing temperature: 200°C — 220°C

Bed temperature: 50°C — 70°C (when using plates or other means to increase the adhesion, the heating of the bed is not required)

Diameter tolerance : +/- 0.02 mm

Oval tolerance: +0.01 mm

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Weight 0.85 kg

Aurora, Beige, Black, Blue, Brown, Burgundy, Graphite, Gray, Green, Inox, Light Green, Navy Blue, Old Gold, Onyx, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, True Gold, Vertigo, White, Yellow


0.85 kg, 2.5 kg


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