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Bone Fingers, Articulated




Articulated Bone Fingers

Why not add some bone fingers to your costume? 

These really cool articulated bone fingers will look awesome next time you want to freak someone out or make a good costume great! 

The bone fingers are 3D printed making these not only pleasing to look at but even cheaper to make than making them with molds or even metal. They have plenty of detail and the ability to paint these to be any colour or have any affect such as a dirty look with a wash of brown or a bloodied look with a bit of red paint and glue to name a few.

One finger is printed at a time to ensure great quality and precision. This means that each finger is hand assessed to be its best quality. We use a range of different materials to print them, each with different properties giving different textures, colour options and toughness.


How Will They Fit?

These amazing bone fingers can be used on any sized fingers. They are purposefully made really big so they fit any size. Using some sticky foam can make them fit better to your fingers and make them more comfortable to wear. We can also resize the design before we print it if you have small fingers and would like to use less foam.

These are designed to fit your finger into the ring piece and rest inside the first bone piece. With the sticky foam inside, this helps the fingers sit nice and snug and using the foam as a leverage to move the fingers any way your finger moves.

These can be fitted with or without a backplate. Without the backplate the fingers will just sit on your fingers like a ring. With the backplate, straps are attached to the knuckle cover part and the backplate to help hold the structures in place. This also gives the design some more stability.


Who Designed It?

We did not design these. We purchased the necessary files from Littletup on Cults3D. Checkout his other designs on his profile! Each time you purchase this, We rebuy the files to say thankyou.


If you have any questions, just send us a message and we will help you as best as we can. If you want to share your costumes or other ways you have used these, please leave a comment or message for us to see!

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 22 × 16 × 7.7 cm

Black, Bone White, Light Grey, Pink, Purple, Red, Silk Light Blue, White, Wood


1 finger 2 Knuckle, 1 Finger 3 Knuckle, 2 Knuckle 1 Hand, 2 Knuckle Set, 3 Knuckle 1 Hand, 3 Knuckle Set


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